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JUNG and Siedle Offer Integrated Door Communication Range

Convincing functionality, impressive freedom of design

JUNG, the expert in building systems technology and switches, is cooperating with Siedle, the expert in door and building communication. Siedle gains access to the world of switches and building technology while JUNG relies on the experience and innovative powers of Siedle. As part of this cooperation, JUNG and Siedle are offering electrical installations ranging from switch systems, suitable indoor stations and building automation with KNX through to the entire Siedle door communication range. These include apps, the Scope mobile video communication station and system extensions such as letterboxes, access control and lighting.

The new synergy

For trade, commerce and architects this new synergy is a bonus with respect to the implementation of turnkey solutions. The Siedle stations are compatible with the indoor stations from JUNG through the In-Home bus. And retrofitting is also possible. That is what the “Siedle System Technology” designation stands for.

The new range

For surface mounting or flush mounting, the new video and audio indoor stations from JUNG in switch design appeal with their look and their uniform operation. Their modular system enables customised installations. In combination with the various JUNG design ranges, a whole new variety emerges in terms of materials, colour and form.

The joint operation of building systems technology and building communication ensures additional security and convenience. The Smart Pilot acts as an intelligent operation centre. Users have their building technology in hand with this at any time. If there is door call, the call screen on the Smart Pilot automatically comes up with a video and audio connection. Easy operation is ensured over the large touchscreen. By recording the pictures it can be ascertained who called at any time. Targeted selection of the camera to be incorporated in the system ensures additional security.

Two specialists, one system

All products for door communication are available immediately. The Online Configurator is accessible on the JUNG and Siedle websites as a professional planning tool. With its help, complete door communication systems can be planned, calculated and visualised, step by step, in one place.

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