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JUNG KNX Sonos Gateway Offers KNX Control of Sonos Music Systems

The Smart JUNG Gateway connects systems

The new JUNG KNX Sonos Gateway makes an impressive sound connection: it connects the smart KNX building system technology to the Sonos multi-room sound. Through the JUNG KNX controls up to 30 Sonos devices can be operated – together with the traditional room functions such as lighting, shade, and temperature.

Sonos multiroom sound easy KNX operation

By setting up dynamic groups, up to five zones can each be equipped with a master. These zones can then in turn be networked with up to five slave devices. This enables perfect multiroom sound, if desired, throughout the house. There is an option for each room to be controlled individually or even in party mode in all the rooms in parallel – from the cellar bar to the loft, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

The volume regulation, title selection, start and stop etc. is carried out through the smart JUNG KNX operating elements such as the rotary sensors, push-button sensors or OLED room controllers. And that, together with the lighting and shade control, temperature regulation and ventilation – all combined and programmed to your wishes. Especially practical: on the Graphic Display of the OLED room controller even titles, artists and albums are shown. For even greater music enjoyment, playing back music on a micro SD card is also possible in the KNX Sonos Gateway.

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