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Wolf Offers KNX Interface Kit for its Air-Conditioning and Heating Technology

Perfect smart home interface for detached houses and apartment blocks

The Wolf KNX interface kit makes it possible to integrate Wolf system components into the KNX building automation system. In this way, all gas and oil condensing boilers with BlueStream® (CGB-2, CGS-2, CGW-2, CSZ-2, MGK-2, TOB), plus the BWL-1S split heat pump, can be integrated. Additional components, such as the MM mixer module, KM cascade module and SM1 or SM2 solar module can also be integrated.

A CWL Excellent mechanical air handling unit can likewise be incorporated into the system. In conjunction with the BM-2 programming unit, parameters can be read and written via the KNX network.

Measured values and statuses from the respective control units are collected as data points in the ISM8 interface module and made available via the KNX-IP module. Other appliances in the KNX system can read and write these network variables.

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