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ISA Introduces its LVLØ Swimming Pool Control with Built-In KNX Interface

At ISA our system integration experts worked for several years together with experienced swimming pool builders around the globe. We enhanced extensive knowledge of swimming pool professionals to serve you at the best in system integration. Our Plug & PoolTM technology will make your swimming pool project.

LVLØ is compact all-in-one solution, which fullfils requirements of majority pool installations.

LVLØ supports both skimmer pool and overflow edge. LVLØ is independent of pool equipment vendors and chemical suppliers. It fits with all water treatment techniques using either – chlorine, salt water or fresh water systems and support the chemistry changeover, e.g. from chlorine to salt water without need to replace the controller. It can directly operate up to four standard dosing pumps from any vendor or any size.

You can directly connect LVLØ to an existing KNX network and create complete visualization of pool equipped with this device. LVLØ communication objects are divided into three groups. This division is based on LVLØ mobile application concept.

1. Home screen functions.
Contains all major functions and information’s to operate pool equipment like light, cover, auxiliaries like counter current, fountain, bubbler, etc. and read all measured values of water quality (pH, Redox/ORP, Free Chlorine) and temperature.

2. Dashboard features.
Contains all major information’s about condition of pool and pool equipment. Current state of circuit breakers (active failure monitoring), sensors, buffer tank (water level, safety triggers), etc.

3. Setting functions.
Contains all major functions to control filtration, heating, cooling, and details about current LVLØ and pool conditions. Status of circuit breakers, pump and valves status, sensor alerts etc.

LVLØ Plug & Pool™ technology allows direct connection of the swimming pool electrical equipment to LVLØ Ultimate Pool Controller and simple system commissioning via password protected Service menu. You can connect one or three phase filter pumps, up to two attractions, lights, four assignable dosing pumps for pH-, pH+, chlorine or algaecide and flocculants, UV lamp, salt chlorine generator, ozone generator, make up water valve, heating valve, level sensor for skimmer or tank, 6 way valve, 3 temperature sensors – for water, external heating & outdoor temperature and more.

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