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Warema Presents its climatronic KNX Weather Central Control System at ISH 2015

Solutions from Warema represent a responsible and economic approach to using energy resources

From 10 to 14 March 2015, Warema will present its newly available OptiControl room automation solution and the new Warema climatronic® KNX weather central control system at the KNX Association group booth A49 in Hall 10.3. Both solutions are ideally suited for effective sunlight management, as they represent a responsible and economic approach to using our energy resources.

Automation across multiple building systems with Warema OptiControl

The Warema OptiControl control system simplifies the planning and commissioning processes – especially where automation involves multiple building systems. It efficiently merges all separate room automation functions into a single system. OptiControl is based on a modular control in which individual room automation functions can be handled separately or even removed. It can be connected to standard sensors and standard actuators as well as bus-enabled devices. The control program’s modularity, along with I/O expansions, mean that a single control can perform multi-system automation of several axes or even multiple rooms. This allows the control system to accommodate different levels of equipment for different rooms. Compared to other systems, the commissioning and networking requirements for OptiControl are minimal.

Three buttons control all interior climate factors

Warema OptiControl primarily influences the brightness and temperature of a room by increasing or decreasing the use of daylight or solar output. It uses full automation to keep rooms in their optimal energetic state. An easy-to-use touch screen allows users to make changes that deviate from this state.

Many planners, building owners and users want to use natural resources responsibly, but are not particularly fond of sacrificing comfort to do so. These two needs are not mutually exclusive. With Warema OptiControl, users control the system by influencing room automation based on their personal comfort criteria. These criteria include room temperature, brightness and the view to the outside. For instance, suppose that a user would like the room to be brighter. OptiControl decides whether to achieve this by increasing artificial light or, preferentially, by increasing natural daylight, all while maintaining glare control in the room. The system reacts similarly if the user wishes to change the room temperature. Warema OptiControl decides whether the desired room state should be produced primarily by managing sunlight or, as the case may be, whether the conventional control of artificial lighting or heating/cooling is necessary. A multi-colour display lets the room user know whether the system was able to produce the altered room state mainly through the use of solar yields or by increasing the use of conventional forms of energy.

Warema climatronic KNX weather central control system

A control panel processes data from connected weather sensors, synchronises the data with user settings and forwards commands to KNX actuators. The complete KNX system comprises a WAREMA climatronic® control panel, a KNX Gateway and KNX actuators. The following can be performed directly on the control panel: manual operation, configuration of individual settings, position selection, adjustment of limit values and activation of automatic functions. An app is available for added operation via mobile devices. At the IHS trade fair, Warema will be presenting additional KNX actuators and the freely programmable modular BAline system.

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