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Busch-Jaeger Offers myBUSCH-JAEGER Portal with Busch-Welcome App for Remote Access Using Smartphones and Tablets

Optimum ease of use for remote access using smartphone and tablet – free offers and applications for Busch-Jaeger customers on the Internet

With the new myBUSCH-JAEGER portal on the Internet, the market leader for electrical installation technology is opening an innovative platform with differing offers and applications that are available to Busch-Jaeger customers, free of charge. To begin with, the door communication system, Busch-Welcome® with a particularly comfortable solution for networking with a smartphone and tablet.

The link to the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal makes remote access even easier using a smartphone and tablet. Intuitive operation of the application ensures that the electrician, or even the user, is able to make the necessary settings. Networking expertise is not necessary.

Fitted with the similarly free “Welcome for myBUSCH-JAEGER“ App for Apple iOS and Android, the smartphone and tablet PC thereby become a mobile video indoor station. Subsequently, you are not only able to identify and greet the visitor at your front door while you are sitting on the sofa or in the bath, but also from the office or hotel room. And this is all extremely easy and straightforward. The only requirement is a Busch-Jaeger IP gateway 83341 or 83342 with router connection in the home network. Special settings are not required on the router, as the connections between the gateway and the apps are made via the server of the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal. Several IP gateways can be allocated to the account in the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal.

Operating the app functions on the smartphone or tablet is also intuitive. The following functions are possible: receiving or ending a call (green or red button), opening the door (key symbol), switching the light on/off (light symbol) and switching to the mute function (microphone symbol). Here, the operation by remote access is oriented to the usual functions of the stationary Busch-Welcome® system. If several users with a smartphone or tablet are connected to the door communication system, different user authorisations can be assigned (for example, without enabling the door-opening function). This ensures optimum security.

The system‘s event log is synchronised regularly with the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal. In the case of missed calls, the system sends notification messages to the mobile devices. Pictures of the visitors outside the front door, that are taken by the stationary Busch-Welcome® system, can be downloaded by the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal on your own PC.

Other interesting applications and offers for the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal are in preparation.

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