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JUNG Adds Web Radio and Built-In MP3 to its KNX Multiroom Amplifier

JUNG has improved its KNX Multiroom amplifier by adding web radio and a built-in MP3 player: The 19” rack has a direct KNX connection with four low-frequency inputs for playback devices such as hi-fi systems, DVD players and computers. This will route the stereo sound to four or eight loudspeaker outputs as required. Only the loudspeaker wiring is required to install in an existing KNX system.

JUNG KNX Multiroom Amplifier

The web radio of the Multiroom amplifier can directly select 16 radio stations. It can be configured very conveniently using the Web Front End. The built-in MP3 player provides music data from an SD card that is inserted in the built-in SD card reader. New music data can be transferred to the card at any time via FTP.

There are very few native KNX Multiroom amplifiers in the KNX market. These are perfect products to consider in KNX installations for clients who do not want a fully-fledged AV system. Because the control is via group addresses, it is very simple to add functions to your KNX interfaces.

Consider using the Multiroom amplifiers in conjunction with the JUNG KNX rotary controllers to give simple authentic volume control.

Inbuilt Features:

• Functions such as switch over radio station, select song titles, stop, pause, etc. are already included.
• Feedback of media information (artist, title etc.) directly into the KNX system (14 byte)
• Web radio and integrated MP3 player can be fully operated via KNX
• 16 radio stations can be accessed directly (KNX object)
• Configuration of radio stations via web frontend
• Integrated card reader for SD cards (max. 8 GB / FAT32)
• SD card can be exchanged
• Integrated MP3 player for music files on the SD card
• New music files can be transferred to the SD card via FTP
• Up to 16 folders with max. 250 tracks each
• Expandable due to modular structure

Pricing and Availability:

4×4, 4×8 & 4×4, 4×8 with web radio and MP3 available now. For pricing please contact BEMCO (+44 20 8874 0404).

For additional information:

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