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iSimplex Launches Multi-Technology License and Announces Redesigned Interface at ISE 2015

Multi-technology is one of three major bets iSimplex is taking to ISE 2015, because we recognize how important flexibility is for the integrator.

So far, iSimplex’s system integrates over 9 different technologies: KNX, Lutron, Z-Wave, IHC by Schneider Electric, BTicino, Philips Dynalite, AllConverge, IDOM and ONLY among others. iSimplex integrates with all these technologies, however only one could be used at a time. With the introduction of Multiple Automation Technologies license, the client has the possibility to integrate 2, 3 or more automation technologies simultaneously in one solution.

The new multi-technology license will be launched at ISE 2015 and will be available in the iSimplex price list.

Our iSimplex brand name represents one of our major concerns – simplicity. Within the iSimplex solution, simplicity is the rule from installation to configuration and support, both in features and design, for its usability and aesthetics.

This concern also reflects one of our biggest challenges ever – to create a new user interface. The new interface that iSimplex is developing is based on Google’s guidelines, the design material. Clearer, better device organization on the screen, improved usability, greater perception of design with the adoption of standards.

The new interface will be announced at ISE 2015 but it is still under construction and will be launched in the second half of 2015 within the 6th version of iSimplex Home Server.

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