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Vitrum Presents its New Generation of KNX Switches at ISE 2015

Home automation simplified with a simply inimitable design!
Glass and Light. These are the elements from which Vitrum arises.

Stand 12-C75, ISE 2015

Vitrum represents the new generation of switches, where design, technology, ergonomics and sustainability find a balance never achieved before. From the elegance and the transparency of glass a switch was born, unique for the beauty of its forms.

Vitrum goal is to transform the traditional switches in intelligent products, easy to use and with a unique design. Hence the classic switch gives way to an avant-garde design object.

Design, technology and customization

The Vitrum product lines are absolutely innovative.

At the centre is carved a light ‘touch-screen’ circle, which allows you to adjust lights, air conditioners, shutters and much more.
Thanks to the circular command area, wide and equipped with ‘touch’ technology, Vitrum switch become the first in the world able to adjust the intensity of the light with a simple finger gesture: a simply twisting motion is sufficient to adjust for example the lighting of an environment or the temperature of a house.

Inside it contains a wireless technology that revolutionizes the installation and the use of the first wireless switch sculptured glass. In fact, the integration of all its components allows Vitrum to “talk” in Z-Wave with remotes, iPad and iPhone.

The three Vitrum collections have a strong aesthetic component, fully customizable in the production phase, with a wide range of colours never made available before for similar products. The customizations are possible in fast times and competitive costs
The Glass collection offers itself in all the facets of the RAL colour scale, thus adapting to any need.

The offer goes also beyond the glass with the Stone collection, the only switch carved in genuine stone and marble. The possibilities include the Piasentina, the Matraia and the Bocciardata stones; for the marbles instead you can find the Grey Billiemi, the Verde Guatemala and the Brown Imperial. The Tech collection is present in two colors black and white Vitrum.

A wide rage that allows you to reflect whatever the style of your home is!

All Vitrum products are also available in KNX.

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