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B.E.G. Offers Almost Invisible PD11-KNX-FLAT Occupancy Detector

The design-oriented PD11-KNX-FLAT occupancy detector for ceiling installation is almost invisible, with a surface height of only 0.85mm. Its innovative construction helps it to blend in unobtrusively with any interior decor. It extends the KNX detector family by providing a discreet solution for monitoring areas up to 9m in diameter.

This occupancy detector is the first choice for offices with installed KNX-network: thanks to its careful design, the unit can be installed securely and requires little space. Spring clips enable quick and easy installation on site.

A structured application software allows the new PD11-KNX-FLAT to be easily incorporated into existing KNX-BUS systems – compatibility and usability are thus guaranteed from the start. The combination of motion detector, light metering and internal logic allows the occupancy detector to monitor the parameters necessary to perfectly control how buildings are illuminated and – in conjunction with B.E.G. familiar KNX components for switching, dimming and blinds – helps realize massive savings potentials.

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