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PEAKnx Makes its Debut with the PEAKnx Controlpro Wall Controller

PEAKnx, the newly founded department of DOGAWIST Investment GmbH, has been in preparation since 2012, and is finally making its debut with an innovative wall display PEAKnx Controlpro. The innovative display not only combines modern technologies such as capacitative multitouch, but is also noted for its unique design, which can be individually tailored to the customer’s requirements. The PEAKnx Controlpro therefore fits into any environment.

The display can also be technically scaled to enable it to be cost-efficiently adapted to every requirement. As a fully-fledged computer, the display can also perform a large number of controlling tasks. With a dual core processor, an onboard memory of up to 16 GB, and an SSD hard drive of up to 512GB, it is the equal of any modern PC.

Integrated into the wall, it behaves very quietly thanks to fanless cooling and does not disturb the atmosphere even in quiet rooms.

Thanks to Windows 8.1, the range of possible applications is limitless: for example, music can easily be played through the display, you can receive the latest news, chat with friends on Skype and, of course, do all the other things made possible by a modern PC. But all in a smart design and always available.

And when you don’t need the display to control the building, you can simply watch TV. Your display behaves like an integrated television and can be conveniently operated with the remote control (additional components required).

In collaboration with our partner, new applications have already been developed for the GIRA home server environment. For example, PEAKnx is starting work on many small additional programs that can be integrated into the home server as plug-ins. Most of them are free and can be downloaded free of charge from the KNX User Forum

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