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Jung Offers Room Temperature Controller with Display

The convenient and energy-saving room temperature controller with display in its standard and universal versions always provides the desired room temperature.

It regulates the desired temperature automatically with timer control, adjusting the heating routine to the individual timetable of the residents. In both versions the programming is managed through the operating unit. Operation of the room temperature controller works intuitively using the white illuminated display with its current temperature and programme indicator. Automatic adjustment from summer to winter time, a weekly and/or daily programme, a holiday function that works by entering dates and a short-term timer for changing temperature by the hour ensure needs-based, individual settings. The features are rounded off with an integrated floor thermostat. The universal version also has a pre-set time programme that can be individually adjusted to suit any needs.

The standard and universal room temperature controller with display is available in the AS, A, CD, and LS ranges. The large variety of materials, colours and shapes of this design ranges ensure that the new room thermostat will fit perfectly into the existing electrical installations.

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