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Merten Presents its Inside Control App Mobile Solution for KNX Control

Merten presents a mobile solution for KNX control in homes and small offices – Inside Control. The new app turns smartphones and tablet PCs into more than just remote controls for building automation – it allows users to easily control light, temperature, ventilation, air conditioning or blinds anywhere and anytime, and constantly monitor energy consumption.
The simplified design and the clear icons allow intuitive operation of the Inside Control App. In addition to the control of various building functions, stored scenes can be retrieved or generated for different lighting moods. The Inside Control app also contributes to energy savings – the intelligent visualization of the measured values​​ and the consumption figures can be accessed easily. Individual rooms or areas can be named and assigned appropriate functions. Users can also create custom configurations.
Little effort, big effect

The upgrade of the KNX building control on Inside Control is straightforward: the first step is to connect the KNX Inside Control IP gateways to the KNX bus, then install the free app and finally the configuration using the Control Builder software Inside Merten. The app is compatible with the operating systems Apple iOS and Android. Inside Control is suitable for both new installations and for retrofitting existing KNX systems. This means that all building functions can be conveniently controlled from a mobile device, without server license costs or additional installation effort.

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