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EMT Controls Offers Seesens HCM350 KNX All-in-One Controller

HCM-350 All-In-One Controller is a multi-functional KNX enabled device with built-in gateway optimized for room automation.

HCM-350 All-In-One Controller is the ultimate controller for all your hospitality automation needs having dual-zone fan-coil controller with precise temperature sensor inputs and 8x high current relays.

A built-in web server lets end-users control HCM-350. You can also remotely control electronic devices with the built-in Web interface, or optional iOS and Android applications.

Thanks to the user-friendly EMT Builder (a ladder logic programming interface), HCM-350 All-In-One Controller operation scenarios can be custom tailored to suit various user cases.

Now, it is simpler to control lighting, climate (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning), security, drapes and more…

– Drapes and shades
– Lights
– Electrical appliances
– Z-Wave Devices
– KNX Devices

Compatible with various security and energy saving sensors:

– Motion/Presence sensors
– Roll ball switches
– Magnetic door/window switches
– Fire (smoke/heat) sensors
– Gas sensors
– Water/Flood sensors
– Laser sensors


• Power supply: DC 9…28 V 500 mA; or KNX 20 mA
• Relay outputs: 8 relay outputs: 16A per channel 100A inrush current
• Digital inputs: 8 pieces (with short circuit detection)
• Analog outputs: 4 x 0…10 V DC, isolated
• Temperature range: -20…+55 ºC
• Case material: Type Plastic DIN Rail mounting
• Rs485 Interface: 8 pieces with RJ-45 Connector
• Infrared outputs: 4 Pieces
• Ethernet 10/100 (Modbus TCP, BACnet IP,(Socket): 1 piece
• USB port USB device
• Z-Wave Controller: Optional
• KNX support : Default (Twisted Pair)
• Rs232 Interface:1 piece on D-SUB9 pin female connector

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