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Zennio Announces its MAXinBOX 66 KNX Actuator with 6 Inputs and 6 16A C-Load Outputs

Zennio has recently launched the new actuator MAXinBOX 66 (Ref. ZN1IO-MB66), an “all in one” device, which can control a complete KNX installation by itself, and helps professionals to introduce a KNX solution in most projects.

MAXinBOX66 is a KNX actuator that includes 6 analogue-digital inputs that may be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs (Ref. ZN1AC-NTC68-S / E / F) or as motion sensors (Ref. ZN1IO-DETEC-P y ZN1IO-DETEC-X).

The device incorporates 6 relay outputs 16A C-Load with the possibility of multiple configurations of up to 3 shutter channels or 6 independent outputs of 16A, which all support capacitive loads.

MAXinBOX66 also includes 4 room thermostats to control heating/cooling systems, and 1 internal module with 10 advanced logical functions that enables the customization of demanding installations. The device allows manual control of its outputs thanks to the 6 push buttons on the front cover, and includes LED status for each output to ensure a quick configuration and testing of the installation.

The actuator DIN rail mounting and PC + ABS FR V0 halogen free casing creates a distinctive beauty in the electric boards in which every detail counts for adding value to end users.

The result is an “all-road” KNX device: versatile, powerful, and functional for controlling a complete KNX installation.

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