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Merten Offers U.motion KNX Building Management for Comfort, Safety and Energy Efficiency

Comfort, safety and energy efficiency, are the properties that real estate owners and developers expect from a future-proof solution for building communication. In addition to the technical possibilities, the ease of use adapted to a modern mobile life, is important role for customers. With U.motion, Merten offers a smart solution that meets all these requirements perfectly. Regardless of the type and size of the building, U.motion allows control of all building functions down to the smallest detail – and even from mobile devices.

U.motion building management is designed for an active digital lifestyle. KNX, door communication or IP cameras: U.motion combines these technologies. In addition, a simple and quick integration of VoIP telephony is possible for the customer. No matter what technologies are used or which system size is required: U.motion combines products and technology to create an intelligent and energy-efficient solution that can be controlled easily and from anywhere. A uniform user interface across all devices enables intuitive and convenient control of all KNX building functions.
Headquarters building control with U.motion

The most important control element of U.motion is the touch panel. The structured interface provides an overview of the entire network of a building. The U.motion touch panels provide an elegant setting with three different sizes to meet different requirements and budgets: from an ultra-thin Android-based 7-inch touch panel suitable for both vertical and horizontal mounting, to a 10-inch and up to an impressive 15-inch display in the premium format. Special mounting boxes also allow for a sleek flush-mounted installation. The product family is completed by two U.motion KNX Server Plus touch panels in 10-inch and 15-inch including integrated KNX server.

There are two different versions of the U.motion KNX server. The U.motion KNX Server is the perfect basic introduction to the U.motion solution and an ideal option for those application areas where mobile devices or the 7-inch touch panel are used for visualisation and control. The U.motion KNX Server Plus is available for more complex projects including the integration of additional touch panels, complete door communication or IP cameras.

Comfort control at any point

The U.motion Control App and U.motion Communication app offer wider comfort in terms of mobility. The U.motion Control app communicates with the U.motion KNX server for visualisation and control of all KNX functions in the building. The U.motion Communication app allows you to easily embed a variety of smartphones and tablet PCs as mobile substations for door calls.

Efficient solutions for intelligent buildings

Merten provides a wide range of efficient solutions that can be perfectly combined with U.motion – and all this from a single source. The ease of U.motion leads to an increased energy efficiency of a building. The system also allows you to visualise the power consumption of the entire building or specific individual components. Energy data can be measured, recorded and displayed as consumption curves. The longer the period of recording, the more precise the evaluation of the energy consumption for a building. Devices with a high energy demand can be easily identified and consumption can be optimised immediately.

Simple configuration with the U.motion Builder

The design and the everyday use is easy and intuitive, as is installing and configuring U.motion. The application runs on all major browsers and allows a secure system configuration. In addition, a clearly structured user guide for quick orientation provides settings and changes that are saved everytime when leaving a menu item. A system restart is not required. ETS project files can be imported and objects are classified according to flexible rules to perform various functions to suit demand.

The Intelligent Choice

With U.motion, Merten provides a holistic concept of modern building control – a solution that promises comfort, mobility and energy efficiency down to the smallest detail. The ease of use and versatile expansion options make U.motion an intelligent choice for future-oriented building management.

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