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Jung Takes Home Networking One Step Further with Connected Living

The central access to the networked home. Independent of manufacturer, all room functions can be centrally controlled because, at last, all networked devices and systems can communicate with each other. This may still seem a distant dream, but Connected Living e.V. in Berlin is bringing it ever closer.

The Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (DAI-Labor) at TU Berlin has also developed a universal management tool which permits the modular compilation of home networking systems. The core of the intelligent network is the Home Control Center. The advantage for users: They gain access to their networked homes via a central access point. The intuitive user interface displays all connected systems at a glance and provides configuration and control options.

Jung: Active development of intelligent solutions

At this point, Jung’s innovative solutions are an integral part of Connected Living. The KNX protocol is integrated into the Connected Living bus via KNX actuators. This makes the Jung user interface available as an application and it is possible to control all KNX room functions via the Home Control Center.

The Connected Living software can be run on the Facility Pilot Server hardware. If there is a KNX system installed, no other hardware is required to use the system; the Facility Pilot Server assumes the function of a smart home gateway.

The Connected Living interface will be displayed on the Smart Control IP, making overall control of all the integrated systems possible. The Smart Control IP can also be programmed in such a way that a browser can access the Connected Living software.

Showing initiative and developing active solutions – this approach reflects Jung’s philosophy. And it is why the company, up to now the only manufacturer of intelligent KNX technology, is a member of Connected Living.

In the future, the Connected Living interface will be displayed on the Smart Control IP.

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