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STEINEL Professional Offers iHF 3D Sensor for Outdoors Applications

Perfect motion detection re-defined

The aim was to find a new dimension: the ideal detector with high-frequency technology for outdoor use. What resulted was the new iHF 3D sensor from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL – for precise detection outdoors. The active sensor detects human walking movements in a radius of 8 metres with equal precision from any direction. The detection zone setting can precisely adjusted on three axes. All made possible by the new 3D aerial technology. Inadvertent triggering by small animals ruled out in just the same way as interference from extreme temperatures.

Innovation in sensor technology

The iHF 3D uses the newly developed intelligent high-frequency technology from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL. This technology now also permits the use of a high-frequency sensor in outdoor areas. As an active system, the iHF 3D sensor eHmFits waves with a frequency of 5.8 GHz and receives the reflected echo. Any movement in the detection zone causes the echo to change and triggers a switch signal within a fraction of a second. Signal analysis allows the iHF 3D sensor to distinguish between moving persons and moving objects, such as bushes or animals. This precludes the risk of switching errors and ensures that only people are detected. Special filters prevent registration of rain, wind, snow and leaves, as well as other interfering factors, such as insects. The great advantage of iHF technology is that movement is detected totally independently of the direction of walking. Tangential and radial movements are always detected with equal precision. Since detection is unrelated to temperature, there is no risk of switching errors due to extraneous heat sources or extreme temperatures.

Precise detection setting

The iHF 3D sensor has a coverage angle of 160 degrees. Its innovative 3D aerial technology allows the detection zone to be precisely set on three axes to cover the full area. Each axis has a reach of between 0.5 and 8 metres.

A number of user-friendly functions enhance flexibility during installation. The sensor can be adjusted entirely as desired to suit the requirements one.

A KNX version of the iHF 3D sensor is also available for incorporation into the building services automation.

Steinel PROFESSIONAL gives a 5-year functional warranty. The iHF 3D sensor will be available at specialist retailers from spring 2015 in white, black and anthracite. Recommended retail price: from 160 Euro upwards plus VAT (depending on interface)

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