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Jung Announces New KNX Energy Sensor for Effective Energy Management

The new KNX Energy Sensor provides targeted measurement and monitoring of energy consumption. Values and data can be stored over months and years. Clear graphics and statistics give an open overview. This enables the user to identify possible savings potential at a glance, thereby optimising their energy use accordingly. Significant energy savings can easily be made at both private and commercial properties. Visualisation of the data received, i.e. the energy monitoring, visualisation takes place on the Jung Smart Display.

The compact rail mounting device can be retrofitted in an existing KNX system. It has three channels for the connection of consumers; each channel can be loaded with 16 A. The voltage, current, active power and reactive power can be measured for each channel; the data is transmitted cyclically or when it is changed to the KNX bus for evaluation and visualisation.

Jung KNX Energy Sensor for measuring and monitoring energy consumption; visualisation takes place on the Jung Smart Display.

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