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Gira Adds New Materials to its Esprit Switch Series

Gira is expanding its appealing Esprit switch series with new materials. With the Gira Esprit linoleum-multiplex design line, the solution provider for modern building technology is offering equipment variants made of renewable raw materials for the first time. At Light+Building, linoleum surfaces will be shown which consist of natural raw materials which are even 80% renewable: linseed oil, tree resin, cork, wood flour, and powdered limestone. The linoleum is attached to a frame of multiplex boards. This frame is composed of thin veneer layers arranged crosswise, manufactured using wood from sustainably managed forests in Europe with FSC or PEFC certification. Gira Esprit linoleum-multiplex will be available in six different colour schemes: anthracite, blue, dark brown, light brown, red, and light grey.

Moreover, two real metal variants will be added to Gira Esprit: aluminium bright gold and brushed stainless steel. The colour of the anodised aluminium is positioned between brass and gold and harmonises ideally in classic-luxurious living ambiances. It is a successful counterpart to curved door handles and stylish lighting. However, aluminium bright gold is also always an eye-catcher on white walls. The subtle visible grained structure of the aluminium frames underlines the high-quality appearance. Among all the real materials, stainless steel is the most authentic, and architects and planners like to use it whenever modern construction is desired. It is important to reduce down to the essential and emphasise the functional technical appearance of the material. Its quality is especially accentuated in the brushed form of Gira Esprit stainless steel since both its look and feel are enjoyable.

The new design variants expand the unusual diversity of materials of the Esprit range. Together with the Esprit glass C frame variant with soft edges and rounded corners, Gira Esprit allows enormous freedom in designing the equipment to match any taste in furnishings. More than 300 functions which can be integrated into the switch range also offer solutions for all intelligent building technology requirements – including socket outlets and light switches, sensors and home stations, and even up to intelligent KNX systems.

The new Gira Esprit frames will be available starting November 2014.

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