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WAGO Upgrades its KNX IP Controller for Building Automation

A faster processor, SD card slot and improved software make the new KNX IP controller the innovative solution for modern automation of rooms and systems.

Powerful performance even for complex projects: WAGO’s 750-889 KNX IP Controller has been upgraded with a more powerful processor than its predecessor. This, combined with a program memory that has doubled in capacity and a data memory that is four times larger provide the capacity for even complex control tasks. The controller can be incorporated directly into an ETHERNET line topology via its integrated 2-port switch. The SD card slot offers additional storage capacity, for example to implement more complex Web visualization, to store trend log data or to make backup copies of the PLC program (Backup & Restore). The controller starts up at the push of a button with a permanent IP address at which it can always be addressed and configured. Limiting of telegram rates and the optimized boot sequences also help improve network traffic for a noticeably enhanced startup response.

Improved interworking between ETS and CODESYS: The Sym-XML file only needs to be synchronized when the INX interface is modified. The extra generating and importing of the Sym-XML file between the control system and the ETS software is not required for all other program changes in CODESYS. For a better overview and faster handling, functions and other items have been shifted from the WAGO plug-in back into ETS.

Using the freely programmable 750-889 KNX IP Controller, you can link, control, regulate and monitor all types of KNX devices from a variety of sectors. Together with the I/O modules from the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, you can also integrate more sensors, actuators and sub-buses such as DALI or EnOcean into the control system. The routing function, combined with the TP1 module, automatically links the KNX two-wire world to ETHERNET, enabling buildings or systems to be operated from the local network or via the Internet.

Products in online catalog by October 2014.

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