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Lithoss Shows its Unique Piano Switch Range

100% made in Belgium

Lithoss, the international renowned design company of Belgium, is already 10 years active with its traditional high end design switches and received a couple of prestigious design awards for this. Recently Lithoss launched a complete new range of design switches: The Piano. The design is ready after 2 years of development in cooperation with a Belgium upcoming design talent: David Dos Santos. The new design is surprising, daring but stil sober! The switch is available in 3 standard colours and custom RAL colours and available since 01 march 2013. The Piano hides its frame when viewed upfront and its design is minimalistic, futuristic en sober.

Lithoss decided to work with a designer who had so far no experience in designing switches in order to be able to create a complete new and refreshing range of switches. Belgian designer David Dos Santos had the clear instruction not to look at existing designs but to create a complete new concept; which he did! Lithoss then had taken the commitment to make it work technically. A dozen of concept were presented and the Piano was clearly the most original of all.

Teasers of the Piano concept where for the first time shown on the Interieur exhibition 2010 in Kortrijk (Belgium) to see how people would react. The comments were very positive even to the extent that a journalist of the Belgium television decided to make a documentary on the ‘making of’ of the switch.

The Piano switch can be turned into a creative design object by playing with the different colours and forms. In the starting up phase the concept has been blogged on several design websites. Immediately the blog was taken over and re-blogged over 500 times. We got requests out of China, Saoudi Arabië and US. One customer, a pianist, even wrote his own composition based on the new design!

This unique switch, made out of a composite material enriched with minerals, is now available through our worldwide distri.bution network. It can be used with 24V or 250V and be integrated in many brands of home automation (KNX, Crestron, etc).

– Material: High end composite material added with exclusive minerals to create the cold ‘corian like’ feeling.
– Finishings: Ral9010 (white), Ral7030 (grey), Ral7022 (anthracite), Custom Ral
– Versions: 1-4 buttons single, 2-6 buttons double
– Dimensions: 104 x 80mm single / 104 x 161mm double

– start price: starting at 54 EUR.

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