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ESYLUX Introduces the PD-ATMO 360i/8 O KNX Well-Being Sensor with 4-Sensor Technology

At the light + building trade fair, ESYLUX showcased its new “well-being sensor” which can detect odours
An all-in-one solution which can detect and measure presence, light, temperature, humidity and odours

At this year’s light + building trade fair, ESYLUX unveiled its PD-ATMO 360i/8 O KNX, an all-in-one solution for all rooms in which a comfortable environment is paramount. With its 4 sensors, this new detector can detect and measure presence, light value, temperature, humidity and even odours (in the form of volatile organic compounds or VOCs).

It can also ensure, inter alia, an automated, on-demand supply of fresh air in conference rooms, offices, waiting rooms, classrooms and sanitary facilities. What’s more, as only one device needs to be integrated into the KNX system, the detector is really quick and simple to install and activate.

Conference rooms are places where groundwork is laid and decisions are taken, making them the “heart” of many organisations. They also give customers and business partners a first impression of companies and their stakeholders. The environment and atmosphere in these rooms are obviously extremely important.

To respond appropriately to this requirement, planners and tradesmen have to take into account and get to grips with factors such as temperature, humidity, air quality and light. Similar challenges are posed in waiting rooms of medical practices or administrative bodies, staff rooms, sanitary and sports facilities as well as spa and fitness areas. Until now, several separate sensors were needed to control the building technology components, such as lighting, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, according to requirements. This obviously had an impact on the scope of the installation and activation work as well as the appearance of rooms.

4 sensors rolled into 1 device: the PD-ATMO 360i/8 O KNX

The new ESYLUX PD-ATMO 360i/8 O KNX is the first all-in-one solution for system integrators and KNX installers. It detects presence and measures light value, temperature, humidity and odours. As well as ensuring an optimum room atmosphere for users, the detector also helps to improve building sustainability. Since it relays information on controlling largely independent building technology components to the KNX system, it also enables these components to be coordinated.

ESYLUX pays special attention to detail with its new detector: instead of measuring the temperature at floor or ceiling level, as sensors usually do, the ATMO detector caters to users’ needs by taking measurements at a working height of around 1.5 metres. Indoor climate systems can therefore operate more closely in line with the actual temperature perceived. With a range of 8 metres and a 360-degree field of detection, the detector covers up to 16 square metres.

The field of detection can be extended with additional detectors declared as slave devices.

Easy to install – versatile to use as only 1 device needs to be installed and integrated into the KNX system, installers can get their work done in less time. The detector comes in several versions, so planners and installers can use the same product range to cover a whole host of applications. The following devices are suitable for applications which do not require odour measurement: PD-ATMO 360i/8 A KNX (3 sensors: movement, temperature and humidity) and PD-ATMO 360i/8 T KNX (2 sensors: movement and temperature).

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