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Elsner Offers the Vari Range of KNX Outdoor Sensors

This KNX outdoor sensor offers a range of different measurement options in a single small, unobtrusive housing. As single sensors, VariKNX T can, for example, measure temperature, while VariKNX 3L determines the brightness of the sun from three directions. It is thus possible to measure individual values from different locations as required. Sensor combinations further enable the positioning of a single device for multiple data gathering, for example the Vari KNX 3L-TH-D for brightness, temperature, air humidity and air pressure. The intelligent housing design enables the device to be screwed directly onto the wall, or secured to a mast with the supplied clamp. A plug connection between the semi-transparent cover and the underside of the housing simplifies installation and connection for the installer.

The software for all Vari KNX sensors includes limit-dependent switching outputs for individual measurement values, as well as for calculated mixed values. The different components for mixed value calculations can also be set as percentages. In this way, an external value from the KNX bus system can, for example, be included to give a room average. For units with 3 light sensors, the internal measurement values can also be used to form a mixture value. Vari KNX sensors with temperature sensing have a PI control for heating and cooling, and all sensors with air humidity sensing can automatically control ventilation.

The different sensor variants are complemented by the Vari KNX GPS model. This GPS receiver provides UTC, local time and installation coordinates to the bus system.

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