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EXOR Shows eTOP600 Series of Capacitive Glass Touchscreens for KNX and BACnet

Hall 0 Stand A50, Light+Building 2014

EXOR is a leading manufacturer of products for industrial and building automation. We communicate with all standard bus systems whether building (KNX, BACnet, LON) or industry (Profibus, CANopen, Modbus, and 160 other drivers).

To the house and apartment owners we have a very special touch panel product line. Via KNX or wireless ZigBee / EnOcean communication, existing buildings can come quickly and easily to the pleasure of smart homes.

eTOP600 Series

High end capacitive glass touchscreens for KNX, BACnet and more then 150 other drivers. Available as:

7-inch Widescreen 16:9 Resolution 800 x 480

10.1-inch Widescreen 16:9 Resolution 1280 x 800

12-inch 4:3 Resolution 1600 x 1280

15-inch 4:3 Resolution 1600 x 1280

15.6-inch Widescreen 16:9 Resolution 1600 x 1280

21.5-inch Widescreen 16:9 HD

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