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ThinKnx Shows its KNX Home and Building Automation System at Light+Building 2014

Halle 9 Stand A59

ThinKnx is the new home and building automation system that allows to manage completely all the systems integrated into the buildings.

The different functions of home automation are handled by ThinKnx through a simple and appealing, highly customizable and multiplatform interface that allows to interact with the system using iPad or Android tablets, iPhone, Android or Windows smartphones.

The ThinKnx system comprehends all the parts needed to transform the building automation in a real advantage for the building owner.

It is a complete solution that helps also system integrators. Through very simple, intuitive, and versatile tools they are guided to create outstanding user interfaces easy to deploy and to maintain, and to fulfill all the customers’ expectations.

Thanks to powerful and reliable Alveo Servers, Thinknx can interact and connect KNX devices with plenty of other standard buses, security devices, CCTV, HVAC, Audio/Video entertainment devices, Intercom etc. allowing bidirectional communication among them. Hence it is possible to create unprecedented scenery and interactions between devices in a few mouse‐clicks.

Efficient and qualified technical support gives an additional value to ThinKnx system.

After impressive market growth in Italy, L+B 2014 will be the first opportunity to let the international market discover the advantages of ThinKnx.

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