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NETxAutomation Shows Version 3.5 of its NETx KNX OPC Server at Light+Building 2014

Halle 9 Stand E10

The NETx KNX OPC Server 3.5 is a server application that provides a standardized way to access KNX networks and their devices and datapoints. As an OPC Data Access 2.0 Server the KNX datapoints, i.e. the KNX group addresses, are mapped to OPC items which can be accessed by any OPC client. Using server tasks, timers, response events, and scripts, the NETx KNX OPC Server 3.5 offers the possibility to add additional control functionality that is missing in the KNX network.

Due to the powerful server engine and its scalability, the NETx KNX OPC Server 3.5 proved itself as a standard solution for KNX projects of all sizes and types – from smart homes up to large enterprise buildings. Thanks to the easy to use NETx KNX OPC Studio and the integrated ETS import tool, any project integrator is able to configure it without much effort.

By providing the standardized OPC interface, the NETx KNX OPC Server 3.5 provides an ideal solution to integrate KNX datapoints into visualizations or other building management clients.

Product specifications

– Scalability: Up to 1000 KNXnet/IP routers/interfaces and more than 100000 KNX group addresses can be managed.
– Performance: The data throughput for central monitoring increases according to the number of routers or interfaces used.
– Central monitoring: The advanced NETx KNX OPC Studio offers the opportunity to monitor telegrams and values of datapoints.
– Adding control functionality: Using server tasks, timers, response events, and/or LUA scripts, missing control functionality can be implemented within the NETx KNX OPC Server.
– Main/backup: For high reliability, the NETx KNX OPC Server can be deployed as a main/backup solution.
– Simulation mode: The configuration of the server can be tested without being connected to the physical KNX devices.

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