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ABB Presents GM/A 8.1 KNX Alarm Panel at Light+Building 2014

Halle 8, Stand G60/F60

With the new KNX alarm panel GM/A 8.1, ABB will present at the world’s biggest trade fair for lighting and building, Light+Building 2014 (30.03 -04.04.2014) in Frankfurt/Main, the first security system fully integrated with the global KNX standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-x), and meeting the international standard requirements of alarm systems (ISO/IEC 62642).

The alarm panel GM/A 8.1 is now available worldwide and expands the business opportunities of nearly 40,000 KNX partners in 124 countries to the increasingly important applications of alarm technology in projects ranging from simple to high security requirements.

This innovation is the result of more than 30 years of system and application knowledge at ABB in both alarm technology and in the building system. The alarm panel has all the necessary system interfaces: an Ethernet connection is used for the parameterization, diagnosis and operation via a standard web browser and the integration into the building network.

The alarm sensors and detectors can be connected either via direct input or via a safety system, on which the arming device is also connected to the central office. Furthermore, there are central connections for the newly developed operating units and for internal, external or remote alarm. Finally, the integrated KNX connection allows for a display of alarms via the display devices of the building system and other automatic control of building functions with the help of the alarm sensors.

To meet project requirements ABB also provides a complete range of products for professional alarm technology, as well as the familiar solutions for all KNX building systems applications.

The alarm panel can be used universally to monitor all hazards in the building from burglary protection, on the panic alarm to the monitoring of technical hazards such as smoke or leaks in gas pipes, water pipes.

The new KNX alarm annunciator panel is available from August 2014.

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