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Cherry Industrial Solutions Offers KNX-RF Ready Energy Harvesting Switch Module

Cherry Industrial Solutions’ announces its energy harvesting KNX-RF wireless switch module.

The KNX-RF ready wireless control module can be integrated directly into switches with custom operating and design parts and requires no wiring and no battery. It is designed for all switch series with 55mmx55mm standard inner frame.

The actuation of the switch module generates enough electrical energy to transmit a complete KNX-RF ready protocol in S-mode directly to any KNX-receive. A gateway is not required and the configuration is also standard within ETS.

Transmission range is up to 30 meters in the 868 MHz band, and can also be used in the 915 MHz band. The wireless control module is maintenance free.

Variants with a double rocker as a two-channel version with full dimming function are in development.

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