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Siemens Offers KNX IP Control Center for Automation and Control via the Internet

Siemens KNX IP Control Center (IPCC), is part of the Siemens home automation line. This compact unit makes the world of home automation more accessible to the general public by requiring only a Web browser.

The Internet is never far away. Everyone nowadays has a laptop, tablet or smartphone to hand. The Siemens IPCC makes it convenient to use and gives the user anytime, anywhere access to the operation and control of domestic electronics.


The operation of the heating or shading is now possible through the internet. The IPCC is a web server and was specifically developed for KNX projects. The unit can control up to 250 KNX objects and provide visualisation. The very user friendly interface has a built-in editor can be personalized to perfection.


The Editor is capable of handling all common extensions such as JPG, PNG etc, and the user can upload a floor plan of the house, which provides a clear overview and ensures intuitive operation. The editor can be accessed with any web browser and includes a comprehensive database with the appropriate icons and symbols for all devices or facilities, with six different available styles.


The IPCC is ideal for small and medium-sized homes or offices. In addition, a single room can be operated with a command or mouse click. A local configuration can be adapted for a presentation – allowing a simple press of the button to lower the blinds, turn the lights out and activate the screen.

Such configurations may also be included in 300 weekly programs, 300 annual programs, 1000 logic functions and 5,000 scenarios. Extremely useful for varying holiday schedules, work schedules, and user profiles.

Tablet PC

The interface of the IPCC has been designed so that it can also be shown on a tablet PC with wireless internet.

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