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Hager Launches domovea KNX-IP Building Automation Package

New building automation package domovea has been launched by leading electrical solutions and services provider, Hager and enters the market designed with the ethos that it ‘does more so the customer does less’.

Divided into two key elements, domovea consists of a server which connects the KNX bus system onto an IP network, which is then supported by domovea visualisation software which is available across multiple operating systems including iOS, Android, and PC.

The domovea server was conceived by Hager’s nucleus of technical experts and is positioned as a sister product to the well-established tebis.KNX building automation system. The new interface is designed to enable building owners to monitor and control their KNX building automation simply through the intuitive control of different devices from PC, lapotop, smartphone or tablet.

It is available on any windows-operated computer or mobile device, as an iPhone app and also from the Android marketplace. The software allows the user to monitor and control their KNX controlled building for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, blinds, security or any other service that is part of the system, either individually, in groups or in programmed scenarios.

Hager recognises that the demand for greater energy efficiency in the building sector drives the buoyancy of the building automation system market; therefore domovea is designed to make energy monitoring easier, with users able to monitor consumption from the building as a whole and also drill down to individual metered circuits and services.

Speed of installation is another key feature of the innovative interface, with the configurator allowing rapid installation of the complete display using KNX data. Firstly a domovea server is clipped into place, connected to the appropriate cables, and software installed onto a computer. Once the building has been configured to the required layout, the KNX data can be imported from the building automation system, which after a simple ‘drag and drop’ automatically generates the display interface that can subsequently be personalised by the user.

Steve York, Building Automation Market Manager for Hager said: “The domovea server offers the customer the ability to monitor and control building automation systems from different portable interfaces whether they are in the building or not. For example, it can activate a holiday mode where the security system is alarmed, all of the heating is turned down to frost protection, and lights and blinds are programmed to open and close in response to timers and/or daylight levels via photoelectric cells. Owners can even watch their property remotely via any IP connected cameras.

“KNX installations for both commercial and residential properties are becoming a common specification as owners seek to reduce their energy consumption and add functionality. In today’s world the majority of us have intelligent mobile devices and we expect to have access to technological advancements and to be able to utilise them for practiced means, often on the move. The ability to monitor and manage a building’s services from a device that could be in your pocket is an obvious step for building automation and one we are able to facilitate to the highest standards with domovea.”

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