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Jung Offers 360 Degree KNX Presence Detector That Does Not Miss Anything!

You may rely on this new presence detector in the Jung KNX system, even when great height is a problem. When installed in heights of up to 5 m, the unit registers everything that is moving within a diameter of approx. 20 m. The detection angle of 360° may be divided into three sensor segments of 120° each that may be enabled individually.

Shows Flexibility in Use

Jung introduces the vigilant unit as Standard and Universal models and different configurations with integrated bus coupling unit. In addition to a presence-dependent constant light regulation, the Universal model has additional five functional blocks that operate independently of each other and to which the three PIR sensors may be assigned. Each functional block may be configured as desired for the presence detector, ceiling detector, or signalling applications. Using a timer, these functional blocks may be switched to the respective application, depending on the time of day and type of use. The unit may be optionally set up and operated using an IR remote control.

Tip for installation in gymnasiums: The presence detector may optionally fit with a protective basket made of solid steel. Thus, it will be effectively protected against damage by thrown balls.

Detection Area and Range

The presence detector has a particularly homogeneous detection area of approx. 20 m (when installed at a height of 3 m). This allows precise motion detection in large rooms as well.

The 360° detection angle may be divided into three separate segments of 120° each that may be enabled individually and to which one of the three PIR sensors is assigned. In addition, these sensors may be analysed individually in software as required so that the “viewing direction” of the sensors may be modified using a parameter (Universal model).

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