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Basalte Upgrades Software for Sentido KNX Tactile Switch

Stand 7-Q190, ISE 2014

Sentido is Basalte’s bestseller. It is a highly innovative touch sensitive switch that has been awarded several times with design and architecture prizes for its sleek and sophisticated design. Sentido is divided in two or four surfaces, giving access to either two or four different functions. It also features the patented Multitouch function, which is activated by touching more than one area at the same time.

Basalte now brings an upgrade of the Sentido software. One of the main new features of the multitouch function is the room toggle. Basically, the switch knows whether lights in a room are on or off. When using this multitouch function, a welcome scene is activated or lights can be switched off with only one movement.

Sentido now also includes a scene controller. The switch itself can control scenes, whereas before they had to be programmed in the actuators. Furthermore Sentido offers the possibility to control RGB fixtures via the RGB controller.

Sentido now also contains a fully functional thermostat.

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