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Jung Integrates Brumberg’s vitaLED Intelligent Colour Lighting System with KNX Home Automation

Brumberg’s vitaLED colour light system was developed in collaboration with the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, led by Professor Ulrich Kuipers, and Jung has now integrated the control of this smart lighting system into its KNX home automation system.

Well-being thanks to light

Studies by the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences studies show that people in a room illuminated with RGBW colour light feel more alert and more comfortable than in a “conventionally” lit room. And that time of day, activity and the incidence of natural light can all affect the best perceived light intensity and colour.

Even in a single room, such as the living room, different lighting scenarios are needed throughout the day, so Individuality and flexibility in lighting control becomes more important.

The newly developed vitaLED lighting technology promises a pleasant and natural colour light that is evenly distributed in space. In addition to RGB color space, the system can also adjust the entire range of white light. With time-related control of the light spectra and light colours, positive, non-visual lighting effects are used to influence the feeling of well-being.

Jung has integrated the vitaLED software into its KNX home automation system allowing the light colour to be precisely controlled to the individual needs of the residents. All functions can be controlled from a single, intuitive user interface. This makes it possible, for example, to control RGBW light mood with the desired living space temperature and music combination.

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