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Wago 750-493 Network Analyzer Integrates KNX/IP

The Wago 750-493 network analyzer measures three-phase power networks for industrial and building automation installations and home automation.

The module allows direct connection to the line phase supply voltage and measures current consumption through current transformers in 1A or 5A. Then, by using programming libraries that are available on the web, a calculation of active power (P), power consumption (W), the voltage (V) and current (I) can be obtained, which allows the apparent power (S) and the power factor (cosφ) to be monitored for any type of installation such as lighting consumption, HVAC consumption, etc.

The 750-493 module can be connected to the programmable KNX/IP 750-849 controller, allowing different communications protocols such as DALI, LON, M-BUS, EnOcean to be integrated.

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