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Andivi Introduces its VIA Building Management System for iPad Supporting KNX, Modbus and BACnet

Stand 7-S195, ISE 2014

Bring your thermostat to your iPad. Bring your building to your fingers. Manage temperature, AC, lights, shades. View your home in 3D , save energy with 1-tap-building-hibernation and more. Your building. In a simple app that “enables less, but better”.

VIA is hardware independent. It supports KNX, Modbus, BACnet and has a rich API for third party developers.

VIA is the first Building Management System that can forever remove the thermostat from the wall and make building automation finally simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly. We believe the user experience of our product will change the way people interact with their buildings and improve their energy saving behavior.

This is a great product for residential and non-residential building owners as it is easily individually customized to every particular building and its functioning.

“Building Management Systems have failed to solve several problems. They integrate too many devices, offer too many features, believe that they will add more freedom by adding more options … Quickly buildings become too “smart” and building management becomes too complex to use,” said Danijel Mursic, CEO of Andivi. “We separated energy management, from the classic information management and built our idea on simplicity. We believe people will save more energy if we make it easy and fun to save. That’s why we created a simple product with an intuitive interface that makes it fun to operate a building.”

“We want VIA to be simply adaptable to any building type, easy and quick to install and hardware independent”, said Zdenko Gacar, VIA Project Manager and Lead Developer. “To achieve true hardware independence, we decided to support all three major communication protocols: KNX, BACnet and Modbus. This means you can use VIA as a partner system to other subsystems that use different communication protocols or you can use VIA as a standalone system.”

“We have put extensive thought into product design and engineering, user experience, GUI design and also into the entire product experience.”

Product Features:

– manage your entire building: set temperature, air-conditioning, lights, shades, windows,
– save energy with 1-tap “building hibernation”
– monitor your buildings energy consumption, financial savings, CO2 footprint
– peek into your engine room

The key differentiation of the VIA system:

– interactive floor plans in proportion to the actual floor plans of the building
– hardware independent (can be used with any pre-installed type of automation system of the standard communication protocols)
– secure building data storage in the Cloud
– different user-profiles for access to different building levels

VIA system:

– supports major communication protocols (KNX, Modbus, BACnet) at once
– comes with a micro server (Linux)
– has rich API ready for use


VIA BMS is in App Store now and is immediately available worldwide. The system is to be set-up remotely and can be simply installed by your local installer (or you). VIA is available as a standalone system or as an upgrade to your current home/building automation system.

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