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Busch-Jaeger and Miele Show Home Networking Devices Based on KNX

The networking of home automation makes buildings more secure and open to energy savings. Miele and Busch-Jaeger, a leading company in the field of electrical installation technology, show how home appliances can be networked based on a KNX bus system.

The Busch Comfort Panel Bus takes on the function of a command center: on a large format touch screen all applications are illustrated and easy to use. The kitchen living space is included in this scenario and for the home appliance Busch-Jaeger has created its own user interface. This lets the user view all connected devices showing for example: how long the dishwasher runs; when the roast is to be turned over in the oven; whether the laundry in the basement has finished. And, of course, can be controlled when leaving the house, so that all devices are turned off.

User interfaces can be individually configured for control of heating, blinds, lighting, ventilation and safety equipment on the Busch Comfort Panel. Communication and entertainment are among the other functions of the Busch Comfort Panels for example showing: the latest weather report or stock ticker; to retrieve emails; play your favorite music from the integrated MP3 player or programs from the web radio via the built-in speakers or through external play active speakers; watch video clips. These features also provide energy transparency and energy efficiency. And with the Busch Comfort Touch app, these functions can be controlled with smartphone and tablet PC.

The connection of the current Miele domestic appliances to the Busch Comfort Panel is via Powerline (data transmission via power line). The new model series of washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and built-in appliances (W1, T1, G 6000, built-in appliances – generation 6000) will be networked via the ZigBee wireless standard in the future. The appliance will then transmit data by radio to the Miele gateway that is connected directly to the Busch Comfort Panel. ZigBee communication modules and the appropriate gateway for the new Miele model series will be available in early 2014.

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