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Theben Supplements PlanoCentro KNX with New Three-channel Presence Detectors

The new Theben PlanoCentro presence detectors are designed for large offices and training rooms.

The Theben PlanoCentro 201 offers an additional presence channel for energy-efficient HVAC control of classrooms, seminar rooms, offices or hotel rooms, among others. If no one is in the room, the presence detector turns off the light and powers down the heating and ventilation control. The Theben PlanoCentro 300 uses an additional light channel for presence-dependent control of a third light group, for example to light up a whiteboard in classrooms.

Energy efficient light control: PlanoCentro KNX presence detector

The PlanoCentro KNX presence detector extends the PlanoCentro family with a powerful KNX solution for energy-efficient lighting. The full-and semi-automatic PlanoCentro KNX supports switching or constant light control with standby function of two light channels and scenarios. The parameters can be easily set and adjusted via a touchpanel or via the SendoPro remote.


Presence detector (PIR).
For ceiling installation for false ceilings and cover.
Square 360-degree detection area allows accurate and simple planning.
Flush design.
Mixed light measurement.
Presence and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC systems.
Choice of fully or semi-automatic lighting control.
Connection option for sensors or switches for manual switching with automatic recognition.
Adjustable sensitivity.
Can be configured remotely.
Installation with mechanical stop.
Lighting control with brightness threshold value and self-learning switch-off delay.
Pulse function for staircase time switch.
Presence output with switch-on and switch-off delay.
Room monitoring with selective movement detection.
Management remote control SendoPro 868-A (optional).
SendoClic user remote control (optional).
Parameters can be selected for subsequent changes.
Test operation mode checks the detection area and brightness threshold.
Individual covers available on request.

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