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JUNG Offers Facility Pilot Server for Centralised Control of KNX

The Facility Pilot Server is a new DIN rail PC for the JUNG KNX system. Fanless and with no moving parts, it contains a preinstalled version of the JUNG ‘Facility Pilot’ software, allowing the Facility Pilot Server to provide control and visualization of a KNX building management system via mobile devices and/or PC clients.

This can be achieved in the following ways:

* Through an external (touch) monitor directly to the DVI connector of the Facility Pilot Server.
* Via a LAN-connected device running Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 and Facility Pilot Client.
* Via iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphones with the ‘Facility Pilot’ app.

The built-in HTML 5 web interface provides maximum flexibility for operation via Internet browsers. Pre-installed FAP-Navigator software gives access to the JUNG guide, and visualisation through the integrated KNX data interface is possible with direct connection to the KNX system in a simple and quick way, without additional hardware required.

A second integrated KNX IP interface remotely monitors the KNX installation. The advantage of the software is that further process connections to KNX can be achieved, offering the user maximum flexibility, even in the context of energy efficiency.

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