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Lingg & Janke Announces KNX DIN Rail Meters

The new Lingg & Janke KNX DIN rail meters are multifunctional three-phase energy meters with a width of only 90mm (5 Units), offering exceptional flexibility and accuracy.

The meters combine the functions of a multimeter, energy meter and data logger in a single device, and provide direct or current transformer connection. They are capable of analysing and monitoring a variety of parameters and can be employed in even the most demanding residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Using KNX FacilityWeb, the meters can read out and log numerous measured values, such as active and reactive energy, active and reactive power, voltage, current and power factor.

Power output values can be monitored with two thresholds. The Standard KNX meter can be used for direct measurement (75A) and transformer measurement (1A and 5A).

The rating factor for the transformer meter can be defined over a wide range on the device. The Superior KNX meter has additional measurement capabilities for reactive energy and two directions. All meters support up to 4 tariffs.

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