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Lesswire Offers KNX-RF Gate Multi-standard KNX-RF to IP Gateway

The lesswire KNX-RF Gate is a gateway for system integrators seeking to connect a network of 868MHz KNX-RF sensors or actuators to a central KNX server over Ethernet or WLAN.

Designed to be reasonably-priced, the system combines a typical KNX-RF to twisted-pair line coupler and a KNX IP router in one unit. The KNX-RF Gate and the connected KNX-RF sensors can be reached from the server through the gateway’s RJ-45 Ethernet interface or its WLAN radio interface. There are internal antennas for both the KNX-RF interface and the WLAN interface.

The KNX-RF Gate implements the following KNXnet/IP services:

• Core.
• Device Management.
• Tunnelling.
• Routing.

Its compact 134 x 81 x 17.5mm housing allows it to be used as a stand-alone unit or wall-mounted.


• KNX-RF and WLAN radio interface.
• RJ-45 Ethernet interface.
• Browser-based system configuration.
• Automatic frame conversion of RF frames to TP frames and vice versa.

Application Examples

• RF extension of existing IP-based KNX installations.
• Pure KNX-RF system with IP backbone.

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