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tci Ambiento Offers Ultra-slim Touchpanel for Concrete Surfaces

tci Ambiento is offering the Sospeso series of ultra-slim touchpanels for quick and easy surface mounting on walls, including concrete ones.

The compact touchpanels have a closed case with a stainless steel look and come in 10″ and 16″ versions, with 16:9 asepct ratio displays. Different versions support various operating systrems including WindowsXP, Windows7, WindowsCE, Linux and XS-Technologie.

Ideal for visualisation, building automation and in-house communication, sospeso can be used for door communication, security, room-to-room, Internet-telephony and lobby purposes for various applications in hotels, purpose-built buildings and OEM applications.

The touchpanel includes a microphone and speaker for door communication, a KNX interface, and power supply via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

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