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ProKNX Offers KNX Gateways for BitWise Controls and RTI

ProKNX is offering gateways that allow the integration of KNX installations with other audio and video equipment. This means that climate control, shading, lighting etc, can be controlled according to the settings of audio or video equipment, or vice versa.

The ProKNX-bwc gateway allows bi-directional communication through IP with the KNX bus and is designed to integrate with the BitWise Controls IP-enabled BC4 or BC1 automation controller, as well as audiovisual equipment, video distribution (such as HDanywhere), audio distribution (such as Russound), etc, in a single application that the customer can view from iPad/iPhone, Android or PC devices. This can be done without having to pay additional licenses and without having to exit one application to enter another. The interface is 100% customisable to suit the user and the demands of the integrator.

The ProKNX-rti gateway allows you to integrate any KNX installation within any RTI interface (such as on-wall panels, touchscreen controllers, iOS and Android applications).

To make integration easy, free templates and examples showing how to perform the integration are available.

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