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b.a.b technologie Announces New Version of its eibPort Ethernet/KNX/EnOcean Gateway

The firmware version 3.2.1 for the eibPort 3 with interesting new features is now available to download.

Gateway for coupling of LAN and EIB/KNX and EnOcean

eibPort device is a gateway connects the EIB/KNX environment with Ethernet (LAN/WAN) and home entertainment. For example it is possible to switch a projector or start the preferred mp3 playlist by using a push button. Moreover the eibPort provides visualization and control of the whole electric installation. For monitoring purposes, network cameras can be integrated into the visualization. Messages (eg. faults, security alarms) are sent as Email and/or SMS to your mobile phone. By means of the installation coupling functionality, different installations can be joined to one central project. The setup of the device is simple and intuitiv. The access to the EIB/KNX bus system can be made locally or via remote access by laptop, WebPad, PC or Smartphone – all that is needed is a standard Internet browser. Integrated services allow you to implement automatic functions as timer functions, scenes, logical functions etc., without starting an additional visualization (even in the case of overlapping address ranges). Remote programming of EIB/KNX devices via ETS is possible too. The device is mounted in a common power distribution cabinet. The power consumption is less than 5W.

There are four variants of the eibPort v3 on offer:

KNX-TP and EnOcean
Powernet-KNX and EnOcean

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