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Zennio Exhibits Touch-Mydesign Series of Fully Customisable Capacitive Switches

Zennio’s KNX solutions were featured at the international exhibition, Batibouw, which took place at the NPO Brussels (Belgium) Centre from 21st of February to 1st March.

In this trade show, where the main focus of attention turned to construction, decoration, renovation and interior design, Zennio presented the new series of Capacitive Push-buttons, Touch-MyDesign.

Touch-MyDesign is a fully customisable solution, which is totally adaptable to any space or environment, whether a home, a building, or a hotel, since the design of the device is designed by the customer themselves.

To illustrate the limitless design possibilities and extensive configuration flexibility that Touch-MyDesign allows, we showed different devices with 4, 6, and 8 buttons, in horizontal and vertical position with several designs. This variety of devices served as examples to demonstrate that it is possible now to dispose of an intelligent switch, unique and exclusive, and fully adapted to each specific project.

In addition, the innovative printing on high-strength tempered glass and the high quality of materials and finishes offered by Touch-MyDesign had a great reception among the professional sector of builders, architects, interior designers, and engineers, whose level of demand is high.

The largest construction and renovation exhibition in Belgium served Zennio as a successful platform to launch its new solution Touch-MyDesign and show to different actors of the sector its wide range of solutions and high degree of specialisation in KNX technology.

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