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Control4 Announces Certified Drivers for its Control and Automation Interface

New Panelized Lighting solution, a KNX driver, and Control4 OS enhancements featuring commercial applications offer Control4 dealers opportunity to expand business installations.

Control4, a leader in residential and commercial automation systems, is showcasing a host of new products and applications ideal for commercial custom integrators at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam. Unveiling the new Control4® Panelized Lighting solution with Wired Keypads, new certified commercial drivers supporting the popular KNX protocol, and a host of new commercial apps and features, Control4 is helping its global dealer network delivers more automation systems into business, healthcare, restaurants and retail environments.

Control4’s new lighting solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with Control4® automation systems, delivering a robust, yet simplified lighting infrastructure to environments where standard, standalone wireless switches and dimmers aren’t ideal due to aesthetic or construction requirements. Control4’s new Panelized Lighting solution provides a centralized, Ethernet-based wired alternative, perfect for businesses or restaurateurs looking to create a more refined and predictable lighting experience. It’s also perfect for concrete or stone structures where control of wireless switches and dimmers may not be reliable. For system integrators, the Panelized Lighting solution also alleviates extra time and expense spent on separate integration of third-party panelized solutions, since programming is done through Control4 Composer Pro software, enabling quick and easy configuration of lighting scenes, network settings and load profiles.

The Control4 Panelized Lighting solution enables complete, discreet control over whole-home and commercial lighting systems via sophisticated keypad and touch screen interfaces, rather than the traditional collection of electrical load-bearing switches on every wall. A unified solution supporting 110-volt to 277-volt applications, Control4 Panelized Lighting is ideal for both upscale residential installations and commercial environments worldwide. The Control4 Panelized Lighting solution effectively controls LED lighting loads, which are rapidly replacing fluorescent and halogen lights as an energy-saving alternative.

Control4 is also introducing new, elegant Wired Keypads to complement the Panelized Lighting solution – a Euro-style square (UK) keypad available in 2, 3, and 6 button configurations, and a Decora®-style (US) keypad which comes with a completely customizable button kit. Both Euro and Decora® keypads offer custom engraving and backlit buttons. The Decora-style keypads also feature light sensors to automatically adjust the keypad backlight and status LEDs based on the ambient light in the room.

Control4 is also announcing new certified drivers for devices supporting the popular KNX protocol, which will provide installers with a high-performance solution for integration of lighting and control devices operating on this growing communications standard. The addition of KNX support enables Control4’s intuitive control and automation interface to connect and control HVAC, ambient lighting, security, energy management, and AV distribution systems as well.

“Control4 Dealers are building their business by serving commercial customers and leveraging the flexibility of Control4 to design and install automation solutions that are perfect for restaurants and bars, conference rooms, and professional offices. Our new panelized lighting solution and software enhancements will satisfy discerning business owners and expand business opportunities for our dealers worldwide,” said Jim Arnold, SVP, Sales.

In addition, the recently released Control4 Operating System adds several software innovations aimed squarely at the commercial market, including:

The new Access Agent, which enables a user to limit unauthorized access through password protection, and the ability to hide selected functions, which provides business owners more controlled access to automated capability.

The new FieldServer driver, which provides support for commercial HVAC systems through the FieldServer Technologies’ QuickServer Gateway, enabling automation access to Delta Controls, GE, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi, Rockwell and other thermostats over device networks including BACnet, Lonworks, Modbus, and more via serial, bus or TCP/IP.

The new Tandberg driver, which extends Control4’s support for teleconference systems, supplementing existing support for Polycom and ClearOne.

The enhanced Themes SDK enables user interface customization by dealers to thematically brand screens on Control4 touchscreens and displays running Control4 Navigator.

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