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Eelectron Announces IO32D01KNX Inwall Interfaces

Available from March 2013 in the following configurations:

• 2 digital inputs

Digital inputs are intended to be connected to free potential contacts and can interface sensors, traditional buttons, etc; they can be used to on/off commands, dimming, shutter con-trol, scene recall and control, sequences of 3 objects.

• 1 analog input

Analog input, can manage one temperature probe (with On/Off threshold) or one thermostats to control heating and cooling equipments, valves, 2 and 4 pipes fan coils; etc.. Analog input, alternatively to the temperature sensor, can manage a Infrared Receiver (IRX) in order to forward to the bus up to 8 channel coming from a Infrared Remote Control (IRC) with on/off commands, scenes, sequences of 2 objects, dimmer and shutter.

• 2 relay output (bistable)

Outputs include switching function with timed delays, stair-case function, scene recall, lock or logic function.

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