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KNX Association Welcomes Fujitsu General as 300th Member

The interest for the KNX system, the worldwide standard for home and building control, enshrined in the ISO/IEC 14543-3 series, continues to grow. The community around this technology, known for its high degree of interoperability between products of different manufacturers and different application domains, was recently proud to welcome the 300th manufacturer joining its ranks, Fujitsu General from Japan.

Fujitsu General Limited with its headquarters in Kawasaki (Japan) was established more than 75 years ago and has become a world-wide leader as a manufacturer of air-conditioners and electronic devices and as a provider of IT related system products and services. Fujitsu General has over 30 subsidiaries around the world and achieved in 2011 a global turnover of 200,000 million yen.

The interest of Fujitsu General lies in enriching the KNX product portfolio with KNX interfaces to its air-conditioners, which will undoubtedly greatly benefit to the further application of the KNX even into this area of building control.

Mr. Stephan Bauer as President of the KNX Association commented: “The internationalization of the KNX system has been a prime goal set by the KNX Executive Board back in 2009: at that time, the influence of the KNX system was pretty much confined to the European borders. The application for membership of more than 100 new members in 33 countries in the past two years clearly underpins the spreading of the KNX system into other parts of the world, i.e. Latin America, South-Africa, Middle East but first and foremost Asia, where Fujitsu General is already the third Japanese company to join KNX, after Daikin and Panasonic.”

Mr. Satoshi Tomioka, General Manager of the VRF Development Division at Fujitsu General confirms: “KNX has an ever growing international presence, where more and more building designers require companies to deliver solutions that are compatible to the ISO/IEC 14543-3 standard. In this respect, Fujitsu General hopes to couple its expertise in air-conditioning with those of KNX in home and building control.”

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