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Opus Technologies Extends Integration Opportunities With New KNX Gateway

Opus Technologies, a leading provider of multi-room entertainment and home control solutions, is excited to announce even greater integration opportunities with the new Opus KNX Gateway.

Integration and control of KNX devices within an Opus 6 Series system is already possible thanks to the class-leading Opus Integrated Partner Programme. However now, using the new Opus KNX gateway, the Opus 6 Series can be fully integrated with a KNX system. This provides end users with full control of their multi-room entertainment system from KNX keypads, anywhere in their home. Easy configuration means fast installation, but for even greater efficiency, the gateway ships with 192 of the most popular Opus commands pre-loaded.

Steven Simpson, Opus GCC regional manager said “KNX systems are installed as standard in properties throughout the world. Developed in partnership with b+b Automations, the new Opus KNX Gateway gives installers additional integration opportunities with the ability to specify an Opus 6 Series system and add value to homes with existing KNX systems. Crucially, this also uses much of the existing infrastructure, offering clients a cost-effective multi-room entertainment solution to work in harmony with their existing KNX powered building management system.”

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