KNX Features at EuroSkills Competition 2018 in Budapest, Hungary

The popularity of conventional installation methods not using bus technology is set to decline in the near future. For this reason, it is very important that apprentices and those at the beginning of their careers are familiarised with bus technology and building control right from the start. KNX, as the only provider of a globally-standardised […]

Gira Wins Hat Trick of German Innovation Awards

The German Innovation Award honours innovations that are not only novel, but demonstrably generate added value for the user. Even when it come to details of an overall solution, the focus must be on radically centring the user, and thereby the human individual.” This is how the German Design Council describes the notion of innovation […]

MADEL Air Technical Difussion Joins the KNX Association

Since 1965, MADEL has designed and produced elements for air diffusion and air control regulation in air conditioned systems. One of the lines of performance of MADEL consists of equipping its products with aesthetic added value in order to introduce the air diffuser as yet another element to be considered in interior architecture. Thanks to […]

ISE 2019 Opens Visitor Registration for Biggest-Ever Show

Increased floor space, an additional venue and an expanded conference programme guarantee the most exciting ISE so far Integrated Systems Europe has announced that visitor registration for ISE 2019 is now open. The show, which takes place at the RAI Amsterdam on 5-8 February 2019, features more exhibition space and a bigger conference programme than […]

KNX UK Invites Entries for 2019 Awards

The KNX UK Awards 2019 will be presented at the AGM to be held on 28th March 2019 at Friends House, London. The awards champion the KNX UK community and recognise professional excellence in the design, development and implementation of KNX technology during the year. KNX UK Awards are free to enter for KNX UK […]

Trade Talk: Monitoring Water Leaks

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. According to legend, ‘Many years ago, a fine young boy, supposedly named Hans Brinker, lived in Haarlem, one of the principal cities of Holland. His father was a sluicer, a man who opened and closed the large oaken gates that were regularly spaced across canal entrances to regulate the […]

Technology: How KNX RF is being used in the Linky Smart Meter

By Christian Gossé, Actimage. At the Smart Grid fair 2015 in Paris, the French electrical and digital equipment manufacturers’ union, IGNES, presented a new local radio transmitter solution, ERL (Emetteur Radio Linky). This wireless module links appliances and building automation to the ‘Linky’ Smart Meter from energy supplier Enedis (formerly ERDF), which plans to replace […]